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The encounter between two souls

ANshirt is an Italian brand founded in 2023 by Silvia Allegri and Federica Nencini. Two friends, two women, two life paths that intersect on several occasions, until they converge in a project capable of representing the two souls of the founders. The duality that characterizes the personalities of Federica and Silvia is the matrix of the brand, in which glamor and femininity are grafted into a classic and formal style. Different characteristics, complementary to each other, for a collection dedicated to every type of woman.
The sartorial excellence of a product totally Made in Italy, the peculiar study of shapes and volumes and the experience of a design team, represent the values of ANshirt which proposes a new concept of shirt declined in a contemporary key, in which masculine and feminine, comfort and elegance, occasions from day to evening come together in an eclectic line with a strong personality.

The shirt with a twist
Rigor and dream, formal classicism and delicate glamour: the complexity of the dualist soul of ANshirt takes shape in an innovative project, built on the objective of giving the shirt a central role in the wardrobe of a contemporary woman, characterized by changing needs and multifaceted desires .
The result of the combination? A recognisable, original, transversal and transformable garment. because ANshirt's is not a simple shirt. The skilful tailoring technique allows you to combine elegance with functional practicality, creating a unique construction element: reversibility. Modular and adaptable to occasions, moments, moods.

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